Skyblazer Roadable Aircraft Concept
Skyblazer is designed as an integrated transport system that uses both highway and skyway infrastructures to get you where you want to go - fast. The craft is able to operate out of all 5000+ public use airfields so that it can use the most convenient local fields. When in road configuration it has the required performance to operate within normal traffic. The intention is to expand what we consider to be our local neighborhood into an area with a 1,000 mile radius. Freedom and convenience are the two guiding principles under which all design work has been accomplished. With this in mind, the following parameters were identified from the outset as being of vital importance:
  • Seating for four adults.
  • Baggage capacity of 50 lbs minimum.
  • Easy to Fly - Must use the latest SATS and AGATE technology throughout.
  • Comfortable passenger compartment - Pressurized cabin with as much room as an automobile.
  • Self contained - Must retain all components required for both modes.
  • Automatically transforms between modes - No manual labor required.
  • Transformation lockout during operation - Absolute fail-safe system essential.
  • All flying surfaces and avionics sensors securely stowed and hidden while in road mode.
  • Fits in regular parking space and single car garage in road mode.
  • Adequate road performance to operate within normal traffic.
  • Visually appealing in both modes.