Skyblazer Concept - 2

While Skyblazer includes many unique features, two design choices are worthy of highlight:

1) The unique folding arrangement of Skyblazer's wings allows them to be packed into an impressively small space and yet still allows sufficient wing area and span. The wings also fold completely within the crafts body- a feature that has a major impact on the practicality of a vehicle that must often be left in public parking areas under the scrutiny of passers by. Using enclosed wings also allows the last, but not least, of the design criteria to be met - the Skyblazer is a very good looking vehicle as both a car and a plane.

2) Previous inventions have usually relied on a gasoline engine to drive the wheels and a propeller. While appearing attractive at first sight, this arrangement actually carries some severe problems. An aircraft requires much more power than does a ground vehicle and the steady sustained thrust needed by an aircraft is entirely different to the wide torque range and fast response required of an automobile. The unique approach adopted for Skyblazer utilizes a light but powerful fan jet engine for flight operations. This same engine is used to generate electricity during ground operations, with the electricity fed though an 'Ultra Capacitor' to motors driving the front wheels.

Other innovations in Skyblazer allow all the original design parameters to be met or exceeded, promising to make Skyblazer a truly practical and attractive option for personal transportation.