789betting Laughlin, Nevada

Bob Mueller reports: “The Golden Nugget Laughlin retains their row of 6-9-4700 Draw Poker machines near the north entrance, as well as a double row of the full-pay Deuces Wild machines near the down escalators to the coffee shop and buffet.” I can verify the full-pay Deuces Wild machines, and also observed full-pay Double Bonus (100.2%) (March 1998) Mike Lackey reports full-pay jokers wild machines there also (100.6%) (February 1998). An anonymous source has even more information, “The Golden Nugget has plenty off full pay Deuces, a few  full pay Jokers Wild and a few super full pay Jokers (4700 Royal) plus some $1 10/7’s double bonus. They also have a deal when you open an account and put 500 points on your card, you get a free T-Shirt.Also, rumor has it that if you want to get a room comped, they look at your last play. If you’ve put roughly 150 points or more on your card, they will probably comp it. They fill up pretty fast, though – they have fewer rooms than a lot of other casinos in Laughlin.”

Bob Mueller reports: “Flamingo Hilton:  A very good selection of 9/6 machines, located near main entrance.” (I verified in March 1998.)

The Colorado Belle had at least one full-pay Deuces Wild, plus full-pay Double Deuces (99.7%). (March 1998)


South Shore Lake Tahoe, Nevada


The Horizon has 6/9 jacks-or-better machines with a 4700 payout (99.9%). (December 1996)

Harrah’s Casino has full-pay Multi Poker (100.7% deuces wild) with a “cash back” slot club. (December 1997)


Bill’s Casino, after many years, changed the payoff of their bank of six full-pay joker’s wild machines with a 4700 payout — they now pay 17 on four-of-a-kind (not even 18, which is still too low!). (July, 1998)

Harvey’s removed their bank of 6/9 jacks-or-better machines (99.5%). (July 1997) It was in for less than a year.


Internet Casinos


Riverbelle casino  The Riverbelle Casino has 6/9 Jacks-or-Better machines (99.5%). Their servers are in Botswanna, and are operating under that country’s gambling rules.

George Clark reports, “I know of at least three online 789betting casinos that have full-pay deuces wild poker in 25-cent and 1-dollar. These are:

Gambler’s Palace

Winward Casino

Island Casino

All three use the same Java software, which also includes 8/5 Jacks or Better, and a Bonus Poker game, neither of which is 100+%. But the deuces wild is, indeed, the full-pay (100.76%) version. And, of course, none of them have “slot clubs”, although all three do offer a 10% sign-up bonus.”  [A caveat: remember that many jurisdictions do not require a fair deck. I have no specific information about these three casinos, but any online casino that offers a game greater than 100% is risking that someone will write a program that plays them with an optimal strategy.]


Atlantic City, New Jersey


Frank Carbin reports that the Tropicana has several 9/6 jacks-or-better machines (99.5%) and the Claridge has about a dozen 9/6 machines on the mezzanine.

Henry Strouss reports that the Showboat has 9/6 jacks-or-better machines (99.5%)  for 25 cents and $1.

Elizabeth Waldron reports “there are at least 4 $1.00 double bonus (full pay) in the east tower casino at the Trump Plaza”.

Mark Radmanesh reports: “I was in Taj~Mahal in Atlantic City last weekend (May 2000) they have full pay jacks or better locations: 1- Sultans Palace  (high limit) $2 near the BAR also $10 and $25, 2- they also have full pay $1 Js or B as you walk from registration toward casino.”