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It appears that every small business owner is preoccupied nowadays with two major problems:

1) How to increase their traffic; and

2) How to increase the amount of sales.

There are many good ideas and plenty of great software to use, however it seems that not many people around (if at all) give serious thought to other ways of significantly extending their market.

Everybody understands that thanks to the Internet we are now doing business on a global scale. However, many business people do not take into account that not everyone in the world is able to communicate in English (especially on a good professional level). The result is millions (if not billions) of potentially lost customers.

It is there that we can really help you to extend your market tremendously by translating your books, websites, manuals, promotional materials, and so on – briefly speaking, any kinds of written documents. Because our company has the skills and resources to provide high quality professional translations on any subject, practically from and to any language used in the modern world. {In addition to the translation, we also provide Russian Consulting Services and Lessons on-Line}.

All of us are genuine book lovers, therefore first and foremost (but not exclusively) we concentrate our efforts on the translation of books. Hence, the name of our company:

Our requirements for books accepted for translation:

Professionally written in any official language Translation Agencies UK existing in the world (already published or suitable for publishing)

Professionally presented in a printed form and/or as a Microsoft File

Approved for translation by a copyright holder

Free of obscene, obnoxious, pornographic material.

The following books will not be accepted by our company for translation:

Books inciting ethnic or racial hatred

Books defending/supporting discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, religion, sexual preference (or breaching any other basic human rights)

Books teaching and/or encouraging people to commit criminal or antisocial acts

Books teaching and/or encouraging people to commit suicide

Books inciting war, terrorism, violence

Books which insult, illegally misinform, are aimed to destroy or damage life and/or property.

Books of a bad taste and unprofessionally written books.

Our philosophy of translation:

We believe that, first of all, the translation should be very accurate in terms of contents, terminology, meaning and style of each and every sentence of the original text. However, this is not enough. The translator should have a very good “feel” for the target language (practically, only a native speaker can achieve this); the translator should also have a good understanding/knowledge of the subject he/she is dealing with; and last but not least the translator should be a Good Writer.

Only a combination of all these skills shown by the translator, can make readers believe that they are enjoying a good book written in (but not translated into) their own language. It is what we can call a really good, successful translation; and it is what readers expect from us.