Check out the various methods of organic pest control

organic pest control



If your garden is overrun with pests and insects, and you want to get rid of this problem, then the organic pest control method can arise up as a blessing for you because it works effectively in this problem; all you need to know that what method will work in this situation, as there are various methods which take place for the different types of pests. For example, if you see the pests and insects in your garden on fruits and vegetables, then you only need to click a snap of that pest and check on the internet which method will work effectively to kill these pests. The different types of organic pest control methods will be elaborated on in detail in the upcoming paragraphs.


  • Spinosad 


This option may be recommended to you for the better crops of your fruit and vegetables. It is the soil based bacterium that kills garden pests such as borers, spider mites, loopers, tent caterpillars, and bagworms. This method can reduce the chances of harming bees and other beneficial insects in the crops.


The ideal time to spray this organic method is in the evening because, at that time, the pests are not active. The Spinosad comes in liquid and dust formats; various brands produce the spinosad formula, all you need to make sure when buying the sprays that the Spinosad is involved in it.



  • Neem oil


Neem oil is the common method of organic pest control, and it is the cheapest method to use because all you need the leaves of Neem to make the oil from it by grinding it. The neem oil is so effective in inhibiting insects’ growth cycle, and it will cause infected insects to eat less and grow more slowly and molt less.


Neem oil is the best method to stop the growth of that insect, which grows rapidly like the squash bugs, Colorado potato beetles, and Mexican beetles. And it should be useful if it is sprayed on young insects. It is also can be sprayed on leaf-eating caterpillars and aphids. Along with that, if you have extra neem oil then you can also spray it on vine crops that are at risk of powdery mildew.



The final words


To conclude, it cannot be denied that the methods of organic pest control are cheaper and effective than the chemical techniques of controlling the pests.