Cindy’s Advice For Online Slot Malaysia


24 Hour Management

Land Casinos – There are always people on hand to make decisions regarding anything that needs to be handled. Land Slot Malaysia understand that it’s extremely important to keep a gambler’s momentum going. That’s how you keep the gambler in your casino, spending his/her money. Break that momentum, and you lose the gambler.

Online Casinos – Management is only available Mon-Fri, usually during the daytime hours only. Do you online casinos have any idea how many players and how much income you lose because of this? I myself, have left a casino to go play at another because a “Casino Support Rep” has been unable to make a decision or get me the important information I need.

Weekend Casino Staffing

Land Casinos – Land casinos actually staff UP on the weekends because they know it’s their busiest time. They understand how to keep their players happy by being there to handle things.

Online Casinos – Management takes the weekends off as if they have office jobs. Anyone with any experience dealing with the public KNOWS that you have management there anytime you have customers there. No management = no customers.

Small Casino Players vs High Rollers

Land Casinos – Land casinos actively “court” high rollers thru several means such as higher paytables for the higher denomination games, personalized customer service that’s available to them 24/7, being happy for them when they win, and speeding up their payment processes.

Online Casinos – They lower the paytables as the bets get higher, to discourage high rollers. When they win, they put them thru even more garbage than they do the small winners.

Casino Player Treatment

Good Casinos – Treat their players like Gold, and their winners like Diamonds

Land Casinos – When I win at a land casino, they can’t do enough to make me happy. They’re smiling and congratulating me, they’re getting me drinks, they’re paying me fast; if it’s a big enough win, they’re getting me rooms and food – anything to keep me happy and keep me there. They understand perfectly what they need to do in order to have a chance at getting that money back, whether it’s now, or a month from now.

Online Casinos – Nearly every online casino, good and bad, has yet to learn this most important aspect of running a casino. When I hit a Royal Flush, there are no congratulatory emails or phone calls. When I try to cashout, I’m given a bunch of grief and made to wait until they’re damned good and ready to pay me (except a very few). How many of those casinos do you think I go back to – or my customers?

In summary, online casinos have a LOT to learn. I think everyone who owns an online casino, or wants to, should have to spend a month in a land casino to actually learn the business from the players side.

The sooner online casinos learn how to make customers HAPPY, the sooner they’re going to make more money.

Gamblers don’t stop gambling on the weekends. Casino Management and Financial staff shouldn’t stop working.

Gamblog Comment >> There is not a lot else to say is there? Online casinos should listen up and take note.

Online Casinos specifically need to learn to play the game and play it well, not play silly games with their own casino players by cutting staffing levels at peak gaming times. Simple stuff.