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Last week, Facebook announced Graph Search, which is an upcoming and revamped proprietary search engine for the leading social network. Gone are the days of playing the Facebook game: Going through pages upon pages of friends and their acquaintances just to find a photo you’re looking for, or that restaurant a friend told you to try out but couldn’t remember the name. With Graph Search, you’ll be able to conduct a very complex search, using an almost infinite amount of strings and variables. The search applies to photos, restaurants, company pages, friends, and more as Facebook plans on adding Instagram features and others in the future. One of the most powerful features of Graph Search is the inclusion of Bing, so that anyone can search the whole web and not just Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search is a huge advancement for the world of Social Media search engines and SEO. Twitter offers a sub-par alternative, Google+’s search is not very relevant due to its small community, and the Google.com search engine can’t index content from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, due to privacy settings. So this leaves everything up to Facebook to set the new standard with its announcement, and hopefully they can set the bar high.

Not everything sounds so peachy, though. With the new Graph Search, anyone and everyone on Facebook will be searchable, so privacy is a concern among many. This means that every page you’ve liked in the past, including those raunchy sex or drug related ones, will be affiliated with your profile and you’ll show up in search results if someone looks up “People in my area who like Marijuana”. This can be a bit disconcerting, since random people or employers may think you’re some crazy drug addict based on a first impression. Not good. More about Flic House

Obviously, this means that you’ll probably want to not associate with any pages or interests that could create a bad first-impression. And most importantly, if you don’t want any of your personal information shared with others across the social network, you may want to consider moving on to something else in light of Facebook’s latest privacy issues.

What do you think of the Facebook Graph Search? A huge step forward, or a step back due to privacy issues? We’d love to know, voice off in the comments below!