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My Bingo Memories From When I Was A Child

Playing 먹튀검증업by the seaside as a child while on holiday is a vivid memory of mine. In the County of Kent there is a small island just outside of Sittingbourne called The Isle Of Sheppey

On that Island my seaside haunt sits at the furthest point, better known as Leysdown On Sea It was here I learned to play bingo in the various Arcade Amusements along the promenade.

Those days when I was young my mum and dad used to play bingo in the various holiday social clubs and pubs which regularly held bingo tournaments for quite high prizes. As those clubs the rule was no under 18’s were allowed to join in I just got to watch from the kids arcade room normally located fairly nearby.

The atmosphere around the whole bingo game in general was something I could’nt get enough of. Alcohol was on sale before the bingo players even got to play one game of bingo which lent itself to the tipsy parents letting go of a few more pennies before the bingo games began in earnest. Turning up between bingo games to ask for some more money was a good idea as a kid, sometimes dad had only a 50p piece in his pocket at that time and just quickly gave me that to play with on the machines before the next bingo game started. I remember my dad winning 147 pounds on holiday once while playing bingo which was a lot of money in those days. Needless to say the last few days of that holiday were good because dad had a load more money for me to play on all the games in the many arcades along the seafront.

In the Arcades the bingo was for all ages as long as you had some money to play. There was a bingo caller in the middle of the play area in any given arcade circled with a wooden bank of bingo cards and a stool for each section where bingo players could sit and get comfortable. You lit up the bingo cards by putting 10 pence pieces into the slot just before each game started play. All sections or bingo booths the players sat in had a button light up on thier bingo cards to show who was active in the game or not. Bingo players called on 4 corners or a straight line first for the first prize ticket and then the play carried on into a bingo coverall or fullhouse as we call it here in England. When someone shouted house or bingo believing they had filled thier bingo card, the bingo caller or player assistant checked the numbers were correct and those numbered bingo balls had indeed been called, only then was the prize ticket given out to the player was deemed to have won and bingo play continued onto the next game.

Bingo daubers and paper bingo cards were not needed in the arcades. The way you covered your bingo cards was by pulling a little shutter or platic curtain to cover your bingo numbers as the bingo caller called the different numbers out.

Prizes were put on show around the bingo game in the form of teddy bears, televisions, ornaments, cutlery sets, toys and pretty much most things one could think of. The more a prize was worth, the more winning bingo tickets were needed to be able to trade for that prize. I used to play bingo just to win sweets to munch and presents to bring back for my relatives, but some people used to play bingo all day and collect loads of winning bingo tickets. I have seen people claim televisions before now which were worth several thousand winning bingo tickets won over many many weeks of constant play on the bingo.

I still love it there even after the place has gone downhill since the onset of the Not Cost A Lot Revolution on the Costa Brava ~ You know what? It will pick up again 1 day ~ mark my words.