Instructions for use for the disposable cigar with Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches



The handling is very easy.

Simply squeeze the disposable cigar as shown in the picture.

Remove the brown protective cap and pull on it.

The one-way cigar contains around 180-200 puffs, i.e. around 10-15 packets of cigarettes.

After activation, the single-use cigar should be used within 14 days.

If for any reason it becomes too hot, please stop using it and contact us.


How to use the electric cigar:

The e-cigar was developed in China. It contains nicotine, but no carcinogenic toxins like in conventional tobacco products. It smokes like a conventional cigarette, but it is not smoke, just water vapor. It doesn’t taste like steam, however,but through the aromas, like a cigarette made from tobacco. You can gradually reduce or even increase your nicotine intake as you wish. (It is advisable to add little nicotine to the body). With the e-cigar , in contrast to the normal cigarette, there is

no smoke ingredients through combustion, as no tobacco is burned. A normal cigarette produces approx. 4000 pollutants when it is burned! About 62 of them are carcinogenic!

These carcinogenic substances are eliminated with the e-cigar , but nicotine is still present.

E-cigars only contain nicotine and flavorings, there is no tar and no carcinogenic substances. That is why the e-cigar is far less harmful to health than “normal” tobacco smoking. The WHO also expressly recommends the e-cigar . Outwardly, the e-cigar resembles a cigarette with a mouthpiece. the e-cigar-Products contain an electronic atomizer and are used over and over again. Only those become different to smokingchanged to strong nicotine depots, with which you can choose the nicotine dose, strong, medium or weak. There are also cartridges without nicotine but with a full flavor.


NOTE: Nicotine is harmful to the heart, blood pressure, coronary arteries and can cause a heart attack.


The battery and control unit contain a 3.7V lithium ion battery, the can only be charged with the charger supplied. TheLithium ion batteries cannot be replaced by conventional batteries. The charger can be used on the following power connections: AC100V240V, 50 / 60Hz.


Using the e-cigar :

Step 1: Put the battery in the housing (stainless stell shell) and close it with the battery cover.

Step 2: Unpack the nicotine cartridge from Fig 1 and remove it Plastic protective cover. (Fig 3)

Step 3: Insert the cartridge into the housing of the e-cigarette and close it.


  1. Working mode:

The device turns on automatically when you put your mouth on Suck (inhale) mouthpiece. The working mode is indicated by an LED on theEnd of battery and control unit displayed. If you stop inhaling, the device automatically goes into stand-by mode. No electricity is used in stand-by mode. If the LED at the end of the device does not light up during suction, the battery must be charged.

  1. Cleaning:

The microprocessor-controlled e-cigar has an automaticCleaning program that is activated automatically when you insert a metal paper clip or similar into the hole. Do not press too hard to

avoid damaging the e-cigar . Hold the paper clip for about 10 seconds, the light on the front of the e-cigar lights up .


  1. Stand-by status: With a fully charged battery, the e-cigar can remain in stand-by mode for approx. 14 days. The battery must then be charged again. The battery should be charged from time to time if it is stored for a long time. If you are transporting the cigar, please remove the nicotine depot or, if possible, always transport the cigar horizontally so that no liquid leaks from the depot.
  2. Charging the battery: If the LED light does not light up during use, the battery is empty and needs to be charged. To do this, take the battery out of the housing and insert it into the charger. A red LED now lights up on the charger. If this turns green after three to four hours, the battery is fully charged and can be used. Remove the battery from the charger and pull the plug out of the socket.


Precautions when handling the battery and charger with Nicotine pouches. Do not expose the battery to high temperatures. Do not open or damage the battery. In the event of excessive heating, smoke development, deformation or other noticeable changes, please pull the power plug immediately. The charger is designed exclusively for the lithium ion battery of the e-cigar and cannot be used with other batteries. Keep the e-cigar charger away from children.


Instructions for handling the e-cigar Before using the e-cigar for the first time , the battery must be charged for 8 hours. With regular use, a charging time of 3-4 hours is sufficient. Please keep the nicotine cartridges away from children. Make sure that the nicotine deposit does not come into direct contact with mucous membranes. The e-cigar is a high-tech electronic product. Protect the device from moisture and impact. In the event that the e-cigar has not been used for a long time and does not turn on immediately, pull the e-cigar several times to activate it.


For whom is the e-cigar suitable / not suitable:


  1. The e-cigar is suitable for the following people: People who have been smoking tobacco for a long time and want to avoid carcinogenic substances. People who regularly stay in non-smoking areas, privately or professionally. People who do not want to annoy or harm other people while smoking.
  2. The e-cigar is not suitable for the following people:

Children and young people under 18 years of age. Non-smokers, people who are sensitive or allergic to nicotine. Pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Troubleshooting the electric cigar:

1, cigar is clogged or no longer draws.

Please remove the indicator light and the black mouthpiece with depot, take out the battery and press air into the cigar as firmly as possible, alternately from both sides and then pull again. It could be that it is simply clogged with dust or liquid. If you have too much liquid in your e-cigar, only smoke it with the black mouthpiece for some time. Please always transport with the black mouthpiece downwards or horizontally.

Please try to pull harder (puff) a few times without inhaling.

Please do the cleaning process (remove the deposit with the mouthpiece) and then try again?

2, My cigar burns permanently or does not turn off.

Tap the cigar without battery, indicator light and mouthpiece with the end where the battery is normally located 3-5 times on a surface (e.g. a table with a cloth in between).

If none of this helps, please send us an email and answer the following question so that we can get a more detailed picture:

1, Have you charged the batteries for at least 8 hours?

2, Does the indicator light burn completely (at the front tip of the cigar) when you pull on it?

3, Do you feel like you are pulling in air or is it more like you are constipated?

4, If you pull hard (puff) a few times, won’t smoke come out either?

5, Did you go through the cleaning process and try again afterwards?

6, Do you also not smoke when you set up a new depot?

8, Have you used nicotine depots or refills from another manufacturer?

9, Did the cigar / cigarette fall on the ground?


These are general questions and answers. If none of this helped, please send an email to: info @ freesmoke and answer these questionsas good as possible so that we can get a better picture of the problem. You can also contact us by phone (fixed line) on: 0044-2032395166 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or via Skype:

Yours sincerely, Your Freesmoke Team Usage notice: Electronic cigarettes are for young people under 18, for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding and not suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases. Filter deposits with nicotine content are harmful to the heart, blood pressure and coronary arteries. The consumption of filter deposits with nicotine content increases the risk of myocardial infarction. Filter depots with nicotine content are not suitable for non-smokers.