Jerry Hall and Liposuction?

Jerry Hall, U.S. actress and model, appears to have made a bodily transformation. There have been rumors that she has had liposuction to improve the appearance of her cellulite and irregular body contours. Instead, it could be that she simply became more involved in a healthy diet and exercise. If not, let’s explore the possibilities.

Traditionally, liposuction is not meant to improve the appearance of cellulite. Liposuction is performed to permanently remove fat pockets and this may improve the appearance of cellulite slightly. However, good skin elasticity is important in liposuction. When fat is removed during liposuction, the skin must retract to provide optimal results. Skin retraction is highly dependant upon skin elasticity. People who do not have good skin elasticity or have excess skin may be candidates for a mini tummy tuck which involves tightening the lower abdominal muscles, trimming excess skin and closing the gap of excess skin with sutures.

The body lift procedure is also another possibility. The body lift is designed to remove sagging skin, excess skin or lax skin. The procedure is commonly performed on the arms, thighs, buttocks and back. The recovery is not usually extensive for people close to normal weight but may be more extensive for people who have experienced massive weight loss.

More recently, laser cellulite reduction has been introduced to the public. The idea behind laser cellulite reduction is to apply a laser to the cellulite areas. Then, the plastic surgeon will massage the cellulite areas with the laser to stimulate the dissolution of fat clusters that look like cellulite. More than one session may be required to achieve satisfactory results. Yet, the results may provide ample improvement of cellulite. The treatment is commonly performed on the hips, thighs and buttocks. The procedure is less invasive when compared to traditional liposuction. The recovery is not usually time consuming.

We may never know if Mick Jagger’s Ex had liposuction. We do know that liposuction is a gratifying procedure for most people interested in permanent fat removal. Now, we have new technology to improve the appearance of cellulite and excess skin as well. For any Aesthetics agency related help, visit Aesthetics agency