Kim Kardashian: Scared of Rain on Her Wedding Day?


In case you somehow haven’t heard, the long-awaited Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding will take place on Saturday and Kim and Ye have been in Paris all week in preparation. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

Also in Paris all week: crappy weather! And Kim is reportedly growing very concerned that it will rain on her wedding day, which would be totally ironic (but only if you don’t know what that word means):

Sources tell Us Weekly that the recent wet weather in the City of Lights has started to seriously dampen Kim’s spirits.

Kim and her wedding guests took in the sights on a stormy night earlier this week, and Kim was reportedly heard to remark, “I hope the rain doesn’t ruin my wedding.”

No one wants walk down the aisle on a gloomy day, but given the reported cost of the KImye wedding, Kim has a few million extra reasons to be worried.

It just goes to show: you can plan a pretty picnic, but until Kanye’s team of inventors puts the finishing touches on that weather machine, you can’t predict the weather.

Early meteorological reports predict a 40% chance of rain in Paris on Saturday.

First Kim and Kanye get rejected by the Palace of Versailles, now the sky might be bold enough to precipitate! Why is the whole world trying to stop Kanye from having the best wedding of all time?! The best of all time!

Celebrities Send Reporter, Fiancee Best Wedding Wishes: Watch Now!

It pays to be a movie critic.

Not necessarily in very big bucks, but in some rather awesome connections.

And Joe Michalczuk recently leveraged these connections in a pretty cool way, using a number of junkets to ask many A-Listers to send some best wishes his fiancee’s way.

In the following video, everyone from Hugh Jackman to Kate Upton offers up their congratulations to Joe and wife-to-be Jenny, with Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet earning points by quoting a couple famous roles.

Also of note: Samuel L. Jackson joking that he’s Laurence Fishburne and Arnold Schwarzenegger botching his line like he’s Kendall Jenner…

Most Amazing Dog Ever Helps Change Baby’s Diaper

So… what has your dog done for you today?

Chased after a squirrel? Barked at the mailman? Refused to get out of bed? Refused to go to sleep?

Now compare those actions to that of the following Beagle, who eagerly helps his owner change her baby’s diaper. No, really.

The canine brings its master a clean article of tiny clothing and then deposits the dirty one in the trash. Take note, husbands: it really isn’t that hard…

We might not reward this amazing dog, who just had a dirty diaper in its mouth, with a lip-to-lip kiss.

But, hey, we’re not about to judge anyone who managed to raise such a pup.