Odds and Ends wm55 


If you have a blog that has a wm55  background with white text, I will not read you. That is a horrible combination for my eyes, I start to see shadows and it gives me a headache. It may look cool, but it is not at all functional.

Was getting my ass handed to me when I first jumped up to 5/10. I lost a little over $700 in my first three days. I thought about dropping back down, but decided screw it, I will not let this level get the best of me. Over the past two nights I have won $550 of it back. My thought process was that if I dropped down there would be lingering doubts in my head about that level and the next time I jumped up, I would not be at all confident. So I decided to stay focused and determined to make this a winning level. Seems to be working so far.

Warning, Bad Beat Story!

I was in a $50 SnG last night. We are down to 5 handed, blinds are 75/150. The chip leader is pushing the table around. He has 4900, I have 2100. He raises to 600 preflop, I look down to find wired 9’s. I have been waiting for this opportunity. I put him to the test and push. He takes a little while and calls with Ks10s. Flop come 6 9 4 no spades. I yell out yes at this flopped set. I am feeling really good now, since he needs runner runner to beat me. Oops, I think I pissed off the poker gods for celebrating too soon. Turn comes a Q and the river a 10. Ouch. That one hurt, but just reminded me to never celebrate until the hand is over, no matter how much of a favorite you are.

Just want put this down in writing for posterities sake. My one goal in poker is to make a final table of a major tournament. I dont have to win, just make the final table and use that money as my retirement fund. I will do this.

I am thinking of hiring a poker coach/mentor. I have one guy I am seriously considering. Dont know his price yet, but he is a documented winning pro. He is not one of those younger online kids who have done well for themselves over a short period of time. That would worry me. This is a guy who has been playing for most of his life and as I mentioned, has proven, documented success. Now the question becomes, whats his price, and, will his style mesh with mine. If not, then it could be a huge waste of money. Has anyone done this yet? What are your impressions?

Not sure which I prefer more, live or online. I think its live, but, if I dont go to the casino for a couple of days I start to get reluctant. For whatever reason the thought of the card room doesnt appeal to me. Once I go however; then I go back for three or four consecutive nights. I think it might be because the poker room at Potowatami is kind of drab. If it was like the poker room at Oneida I think I would probably be there every nignt.

It probably isnt a good idea to decide that you are going to try and steal a multiway pot with pure aggression with 6 4 offsuit. Not that I would know anything about that.

Do you ever feel guilty for turning someone on to poker?

I cut my hair. No more long haired hippy look for me. I liked my look with long hair, but ladies really seem to like the new short hair. And lets face it, everything we do is basically for the ladies.

Heard a new term at the poker table tonight. There was a gentleman from Atlanta, and he used the term slobberknocker. When we asked what that meant, he said, big or huge. He would use the term for big pots. The rest of us at the table liked the term but changed the meaning ever so slightly, here is the sentence that become popular at our table “Excuse me miss, those are quite the slobberknockers.” I like it, it is now part of my lexicon.