Purepower Shotz Energy drink and Energy shots by Vimgo

Energy shots



Ok, this one I did not like.  About the only thing it has going for it is the fact that it is small so I was able to finish the entire thing.  Had it been regular sized I would have pitched it about half way through.  Shotz has one screwed up flavor I can’t quite place.  It’s sort of a lemony, grapefruit flavor similar to Mountain Dew Amp without the pleasantness or the sweetness.  There is a very bizarre after taste to Shotz that I really disliked….first off it’s sort of bitter like a not so good grapefruit at breakfast followed by what I can only describe as a scratchy feeling.  Think back to the last time you started getting a good case of the flu.  Remember how you could slowly feel your throat starting to get a bit scratchy and you just KNEW you were going to feel like poop in another day?  Well, that’s what this stuff does to your throat…..totally weird, and not very nice, and not at all something I would link to a good tasting energy drink.  That being said, let’s talk about the energy properties of this little guy.  There aren’t any….done, game over, no worky.  Shotz claims to be a “Small can, BIG punch.”  Now what I’d like to know is what are they comparing it to?  Diet root beer?  Sprite?  Water??  No, there is in fact 0 punch to this even though it claims to contain as much caffeine as 1-2 cups of coffee.  I call Shenanigans!  Now, normally I write my reviews in the morning about half way through the drink I am reviewing…as of right now my brain is stuck in reverse and I am seriously struggling to come up with something witty, or pertinent to say about how really bad I think this stuff is…that should tell you something right there if you happened to gaze at the rating up above.  This stuff is an insult gold mine, and I’m asleep at the push cart.  I think I need to just end it right here, pop open a can of something that will wake my ass up, and call it a game.  Just remember folks…if you want something that tastes good and will wake your butt up…read down through the other reviews.  If you want to play South American relief worker and pretend you need to be treated for malaria, drink this stuff.


SoBe No Fear Energy drink and Energy shots


SoBe’s No Fear was a nice little find for me.  Not only is it one of the large 16 oz drinks, but it also happens to be one of the best tasting in my book.  Having the mandarin, citrusy taste of Adrenaline Rush, No Fear also contains a large flavorful blast of a cherry juice like flavor (though according to the website it’s passion fruit).  Where Monster Energy Drink is a great on a hot day, No Fear makes a perfect breakfast/early morning type drink that really wakes me up on my drive into work.  With just a hint or grapefruit it has a nice little bite that is rounded off very well by the sweeter flavors it contains.  Although there is a mild after taste it is neither overpowering nor offensive like many other drinks.


One of the interesting points of No Fear is that it contains Creatine…which to many athletes is a nice plus as Creatine is a great supplement for building muscle.  No Fear quickly became my main drink for any type of pre athletic activity for this simple reason, and the big energy boost you get from it definitely doesn’t hurt….which brings me to the most important point….the energy boost….Yeah…wow.  Kind of like popping 4 caffeine pills and a vicodin (soccer has taught me much through painkillers.)  After downing a No Fear you definitely feel the effects…lots of energy, but not as much of the nervous energy that you get from some of the other drinks out there, this one is done right.  No Fear is DEFINITLY worth a try.